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1.25.11                                   Business Leaders Want Specifics From Obama

8.15.12                                   Sharwin Wiltz-Boney releases first book-Decoy
EVERY HUMAN FACES A JOURNEY TO AN INTENDED PURPOSE.This book is for those of you who know that greatness is inside of you and there is more to you than meets the fleeting eye. You are a great design waiting to happen. You are a song waiting to be written. You are a beautiful dress ready to be sewn. The path in getting, though, to that greatness is often marred with struggle and booby trapped with tactical elements designed to get you off course. This book serves as an expose' on the likes of a tactical element that has gone undetected for years. With that being said, I have a mandate to whisper something in your ear that will keep you from land mines and booby traps that have stolen the purpose of many before you . My words are simple but they are loaded: Beware of the Decoy!
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