Our BoneFide Payroll tax professionals, licensed to practice before the IRS, take on the outsourced weekly, bi-weekly or monthly payroll processing duties of a payroll department ensuring timely filings, tax compliance and accuracy.
Payroll processing is an integral part of any business infrastructure. BoneFide Payroll provides payroll services through its Premium Payroll Processing Package or tax management services:
Premium Payroll Processing Package
  • We process your payroll weekly, bi-weekly or monthly.
  • We provide all payroll journals and reports per period and payroll quarter.
  • We file all tax documents to respective state and federal agencies.
  • We issue W-2s on your behalf year-end.
Payroll Processing Pay Options
  • BoneFide Checks: Payroll drawn on your check stock
  • BoneFide Pay:  Payroll drawn from our account
Employee Pay Options
  • Direct deposit
  • Paper checks
Employee Time Submission
  • Fax
  • Phone
  • Web
Tax Management Services
  • You process your payroll.
  • We file tax documents to respective state and federal agencies ensuring tax compliance.
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