Don't Knock The Hustle
You know, it amazes me, the tenacity of a determined entrepreneur.
In order to be a determined entrepreneur, you have to possess three things:
  • GUTS

You may find yourself lacking in knowledge/experience or even coming up short with capital/money, but as a determined entrepreneur, the ONE thing you absolutely can't do without is GUTS.

When times get tough and when things get rough, a determined entrepreneur has the GUTS to weather the storm and convince themselves that everything is going to be alright.
The bills could be due and the collectors could be calling, but that determined entrepreneur will scratch and claw to make their business work and grow.
That, my friends, is the epitome of a determined entrepreneur.
So, why is it that so many "so-called" entrepreneurs come across as disgruntled and lazy business owners that would rather complain and wait on a contract or business that will never come, instead of going out and making their business work.
In essence they are not really in business, they simply have an expensive hobby?
Where is that tenacious, go-getter, that will do anything humanly possible to see their dream become a reality?
Who is your target market? Where is your business plan?  What is your marketing strategy? 
To tell the truth, a panhandler on the street, is more of an entrepreneur than many of these so-called entrepreneurs.
Oh, you don't believe me?
Don't Knock the Hustle.....let me prove it!
I was in my old childhood neighborhood, not too long ago, when I saw the SAME lady, that had been on the SAME corner, asking for the SAME thing for over twenty years......MONEY.
It was on that very same day that I met with one of my small business coaching clients that picked that day to provide me with every excuse in the world as to why they could not take their business to the next level and become more laser-focused and profitable. 
After much discussion, we got back to the basics of who their target market was and they still could not tell me.
I told them that without knowing who their target market was, we could not develop a business plan or create a solid marketing strategy.
Needless to say, we left that meeting, the same way we came into it....NO TARGET MARKET, NO BUSINESS PLAN, NO MARKETING STRATEGY.
Fast forwarding back to my initial point of the story, I came to a stop upon the light turning red and you guessed it, I was approached by the panhandler, requesting some money.  There was a sign with a message and a directive, "I'm homeless, please provide money for food." 
Because I was familiar with this lady from being there for over 20 years, I chose not to give her money that day. 
But the funniest thing happened after that.  Upon turning unto the feeder of the freeway, I had to come to a complete stop at another light, where there was another panhandler.  This time, the gentleman had equipment in his possession to clean my windows.  He came up with his spray bottle (without my permission of course), sprayed my windows and then cleaned off the water with his squeegee. 
I don't know whether he bought the squeegee from the store or "borrowed it" from the nearby convenience store.  All I know is that he had his business equipment together and was ready to handle his business (no pun intended).  He then proceeded to ask for a donation for his "services" and I decided to give him some change that I had and drove off.
Checkmate!  He had succeeded with me and I am sure with many others before and after me as well.
I began to reflect on that experience and it was at the point that I realized that both the lady before and the gentleman after possessed more of an entrepreneurial mindset than most of "so-called" entrepreneurs.
How you might ask?
If I were to ask those two individuals who their target market was, I am sure they would tell me that it is a numbers game and that every person driving a vehicle by that designated location is a potential client. 
Seems so simple when talking about a panhandler, but when it comes to your business, what's the problem?
If I were to ask them what their business plan was, I am sure they would tell me they had done their site location research. They would tell me that their overhead is low, because they have very minimal expenses (clothes, food and bottled water, pair of shoes, cardboard, marker, can or jar, spray bottle, squeegee, etc.).
Seems so simple when talking about a panhandler, but when it comes to your business, what's the problem?
If I were to ask them what their marketing plan was, I am sure they would tell me that they know how many vehicles come by their chosen location at a given time.  They would share with me how they ask every person driving a vehicle for a contribution and that they understand that not everyone is going to say YES.  However, they know that if they get a certain number to say YES, they would have done well and been successful. They would tell me what their hours of operation are and be able to share with me what times are the busiest and the slowest.  They would know the best time they would need to arrive and the best time to they would need to leave, to be successful each day.
Seems so simple when talking about a panhandler, but when it comes to your business, what's the problem?
I tell you what the problem is....FEAR!
When you have nothing to lose, you don't allow fear to grip you and limit you.
If you want to be overly successful, you must become a fearless entrepreneur that takes risks, has guts and never gives up.
So the next time you pass by a panhandler on the corner, don't knock their hustle, see how you can apply their hustle to your business so you can succeed.
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